LUMILIFE Project Quality System!

Projects' market requires "LONG-LIFE" and "DESIGNATED": (1). Mostly projects' usage needs to light 10-15 hours per day, even 24 hours per day, which are different from Retail market's 1-5hours use to light, even less; (2). Customers always make designated requirements which could hardly get in retail market.

LUMILIFE Project Quality System!

Manufacturing Compound Business Mode!

Compound mode is different from single mode: (1).More Suitable for Non-tender or Tendering Projects; (2).Better Quality Control and More Competitive Price; (3).More Professional and Technical Solution; (4).It has more living space and sustainable development because it's impossible that different manufacturers could explore product range and market as the complete same.

Manufacturing Compound Business Mode!

Patented 'SnapIN' LED T8 Tube!

"SnapIN" LED T8 Tube is patented since 2012: (1)."SnapIN" means the driver could be easily replaced; (2)."SnapIN" design is born for quality warranty assurance; (3).It could save big maintenance and warranty cost; (4).5 Years Warranty. (5).SKD Assembly time could be less than 40s only per person.


Specialty LOW-THD Series Products!

"LOW-THD" is for power quality solution: (1).LOW-THDu<3% and LOW-THDi<10%; (2).Interference Hazard Reduction for Precision Testing Facilities and Signal Transmission; (3).LED Tube Light, LED Bulb Light, LED Down Light, LED Ceiling Light and LED Triproof Light; (4).Application of Hospital, Laboratory, and Airport, Subway, Financial Center etc...

Specialty LOW-THD Series Products!

LED Camping Light Kits-3 Bars!

ODM/OEM LED Camping Light Kits-3 Bars: (1).3pcs LED Bars, 12V/2A; (2).Dimmer and Remoter; (3).100-240VAC TUV Adapter, 5M; (4).Car-lighter to 5521, 5M; (5).5521 to 5521, 3M; (6).IP44 Report. (7).CE,ROHS

LED Camping Light Kits-3 Bars!

Product Show

SnapIN15 LED T8 Tube, 22W

Product Numbers:LF-T815-SN

Product description:1. SnapIN(Replaceable) Driver; 2. PF>0.95, THD<20%; 3. CE, ROHS, IEC, PSE, SAA, FCC; 4. Patented(Since 2012).


1. Specification:

 Basic Parameter  
 Product Type:  SNAPIN
 Product Size:  Φ26*1500MM
 Product Weight:  400g
 Rated Voltage:  85-265VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
 Rated Power:  22W
 Power Factor:  >0.95
 THD:  <20%
 Lumen(Flux):  2600LM
 Light Efficiency:  120LM/W
 CRI(RA):  >80
 Beam Angle:  270°
 Operating Ta:  -20℃~40℃
 Tc(Ta=25℃):  50℃
 Certification:  CE, ROHS, IEC, PSE, SAA, FCC
 Life Time:  50000 Hours
 Warranty:  5 Years
 Packaging:  160*23*21cm/30pc/16kgs
 Driver Parameter  
 Driver Type:  SMPS, SNAPIN(Replaceable)
 Output:  50-80VDC, MAX: 305mA
 LED Board Parameter  
 LED Type:  2835, Samsung LED
 LED Quantity:  130pcs
 PCB Material:  Aluminum
 Housing Parameter  
 Materials:  Extrution 6063 Aluminum, PC Frosty Cover
 Socket:  Double G13 Cap
 Starter Parameter  
 Current:  1 Amp

2. Retrofit & Replacement:

 Comparison LED T8, 5FT  Fluorescent T8, 5FT 
Power  22W  58W+8W 
Life(Hours)  50000  6500 
Warranty(Years)  0

3. Application:

Supermarket, Store, Office, School, Factory

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